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CAPS Group & Workshop Program

Group counseling and workshops are a popular opportunity for TCNJ students to experience growth and change- so popular, in fact, that as of Fall 2015 we have now expanded from a “Group” program to a “Group & Workshop Program” that now offers support/psychoeduational groups, drop-in groups, and workshops, (for more information about these 3 types of groups, please visit our Group FAQs page). Groups overall are a very effective method (and sometimes the MOST effective method) for addressing issues common among TCNJ students.  Here at CAPS we are so convinced of the benefits of group that all the requests for services we receive are first considered for potential group participation. But you don’t need us to persuade you- below are what some TCNJ students have shared about their own group counseling experiences:

Fall 2015 Groups Schedules

What were some of the best aspects of the group experience?

“How very helpful, patient, and understanding both the group facilitators and the other members of the group were.” (Female, senior)

“To talk to others without having to worry about what they think and to be helped by them.” (Male, junior)

“The flow of conversation brought up things I otherwise wouldn’t have remembered.” (Female, senior)

“Being able to express things without fear of being judged.” (Female, freshman)

“Having a safe, comfortable forum with enough flexibility to talk about what we needed to.” (Female, junior)

“Meeting new people and sharing like issues.” (Male, senior)

What changes were you able to make in your life as a participant in group?

-“Become more confident.”(Female, sophomore)- “Think more positively about myself. (Male, senior)- “I am able to see my strengths rather than my flaws.” (Female, freshman)- “Task management.”(Junior, female)- “To be more open about who I am.” (Male, senior)- “Got my academics under control.” (Male, sophomore)

So come and see for yourself what participation in a CAPS group can offer! Please check our group schedule for more information about current groupsGroup&Workshop Logo.

For all CAPS group counseling questions, concerns, or interests, please contact the Group Counseling Coordinator Dr. Eileen Kurowski at