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Racial Injustice Statement and Resources

We live in an increasingly complex, diverse, global society where there have many victims of senseless violence in BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) communities at the hands of oppressive behavior. As allies, we hear and share the anguish of black and indigenous communities in response to the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and other victims of ongoing racial or bias motivated violence. While the work in H&W focuses on healing, finding solutions, and bridging differences, we recognize there is no easy fix for systemic racism. We can start by taking a hard look at the pernicious roots of racial bias in our country, our communities, our institutions and within ourselves – and take concrete steps to combat it. It is imperative that we acknowledge and identify the existing structures and worldviews that create and maintain cultural and racial disparities.

The Health and Wellness Unit at TCNJ strongly condemns racism and violence in all of its forms and understands the increasing level of trauma, anger and despair especially among black students, and the corresponding risks to mental health and emotional well-being.

MHS will be offering a Racial Trauma Support Group this semester on Wednesdays from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.  If interested, please fill out a request for group services form HERE.

TCNJ Student Government has pulled together a list of advocacy resources consisting of petitions, ways to donate, and a variety of educational materials HERE.

TCNJ Division of Equity and Inclusion also has a variety of useful resources HERE.

The following resources from the STEVE FUND may also help you cope during this difficult period.

  1. Community Healing Network: Healing in the Face of Racial Trauma
  2. National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Taking Care of Yourself 
  3. Self-Care Tips For Black People Who Are Struggling With This Very Painful Week (Vice)
  4. Boston University Racial Trauma Toolkit 
  5. NYU The Trauma of Racism

Text STEVE to 741741 to reach a culturally trained CRISIS TEXT LINE COUNSELOR

Additional Resources:


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