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Collegiate Recovery Program

Recovery, like all of life, is best done in a community. TCNJ’s recovery community is a place for students in recovery and allies of recovery. It is a place where those that have been impacted by addiction find belonging, purpose, authentic relationships, and support. We meet weekly to discuss addiction and recovery issues, plan and engage in advocacy to make TCNJ “recovery friendly”, and have fun through social and community activities. We bring together the strength of students in recovery and allies of recovery because Recovery Happens at TCNJ


The CRC meets every Wednesday in the Recovery Lounge at 4 pm.
To get involved or for more information contact call (609) 771-2134 or email Eric Van Eck (

Social Media @tcnjcrc

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Recovery Alumni Logo



Through the Recovery Alumni Association, graduating students can remain connected to the recovery community and the College. The Recovery Alumni Association hosts events at least twice a year and there are other opportunities to support recovery throughout the year.


Can you tell me more about TCNJ’s CRC?

TCNJ’s Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) supports students in their recovery from substance use disorder and other mental health concerns. The CRC is a safe place for individuals AND ALLIES (people who identify through family and friends) to heal and grow with one another.

The CRC has weekly general community meetings, they facilitate weekly on-campus “All-Recovery” support meetings, they host countless fun activities each semester (to build lasting and meaningful friendships), and also organize a bunch of advocacy events on campus (to help spread awareness and reduce stigma).

The CRC has its own space in the Rec-Center (The Recovery Lounge) which is like a home away from home for the students involved! Most of of their events are held there and it’s a great place to unwind, relax, and connect.

Who can join the CRC?

The CRC is for students in or seeking recovery and for students that consider themselves allies of recovery. Many students in recovery want to connect with other students in recovery and be around people that understand and support their journey. Many allies of recovery have been impacted by a family member or friend with an addiction and want to play a role in making TCNJ a place that supports people impacted by addiction.

If I am an alumni how can I be involved?

The CRC is still supported by alumni as they transition to their careers and graduate school. As an alumnus, you also have a lot to offer.  Alumni often have time in recovery and can share their wisdom with current students by sharing experience and insight at meetings. Also, don’t forget to come back for Homecoming and join us at the CRC Substance-Free Tailgate.

What are some of the past events?

We value community bonding and outreach. Some past activities have included, the ARHE Skiathon,  recovery comedy shows, guest speakers, The Anonymous People documentary and panel discussion, and the end of year “Restaurant Crawl”. These are just a few of our activities, we are just getting started!

Like and follow us on Facebook to stay updated on all of the great upcoming events this semester.

What can I do if my grades do not reflect my abilities?

It is not uncommon for students in recovery to have a disconnect between their grades and what they are able to achieve academically. Students that find themselves in this situation can enhance their application by focusing on attaining strong standardized test scores, taking courses at a community college (and getting good grades of course!), and/or engaging in community service/extra-curricular activities. Some students might use the personal statement/essay to discuss how their experience in recovery, and the strength and perseverance required, makes them an excellent candidate for TCNJ. Ultimately, it’s recommended that you discuss your concerns with an admissions counselor and they can walk you through how to best show why you would be a successful TCNJ student.

That CRC logo is pretty cool. Is there any symbolism there?

CRC logoOur logo was created by one of our very talented CRC students and represents some of what we believe and who we are as TCNJ’s CRC. The compass symbolizes the journey towards recovery and academic achievement. The “N” represents staying on the right path–one’s True North. The arrow reminds us that we are always moving forward. All of this lays on a slate background that has been wiped clean; because we believe that a person’s past does not define them but at TCNJ’s CRC you get a fresh start.