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AVI Undergraduate Interns

Thank you for your interest in our internship program! CAPS: AVI is now recruiting four interns for the 2023-2024 academic year. The links to apply for each internship are listed below.  In addition to completing an application, all candidates are required to submit a letter of recommendation to Assistant Director for Anti-Violence Initiatives, Michelle Lambing, at  Applications deadlines, interviews and the hiring process are rolling, so we encourage all interested to submit their applications sooner, rather than later.  An application will not be considered complete until a letter of recommendation is submitted.

Primary Prevention Intern:

Secondary Prevention Intern:

Victim Support Specialist Intern:

Publicity Intern:

AVI Undergraduate Intern Responsibilities and Expectations

Primary Prevention Intern

The Primary Prevention intern specializes in educating the campus about gender socialization, healthy sexuality and healthy relationships. Through discussing these topics with students and campus organizations, they will also show how these can directly prevent power-based personal violence. The Primary Prevention intern also supports projects around men’s health and self-care and its relation to violence prevention.

Roles and responsibilities for this intern position include:

  • Attend weekly intern meetings and monthly staff meetings.
  • Conduct research and engage in professional development around content area.
  • Create new events and tabling activities while sustaining pre-existing programming.
  • Host tabling and speaking events to educate students about gender socialization, healthy relationships, healthy masculinity, and healthy sexuality.
  • During awareness months (Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Stalking Awareness Month, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month), infuse primary prevention content into specialized messaging.
  • Create flyer campaigns to advertise upcoming events, promote primary prevention, and combat gender role stereotypes.
  • Create social media posts for AVI social media.

Other traits include:

  • Organized
  • Punctual
  • Strong communication, management, and administrative skills
  • Comfortable with public speaking and leading meetings
  • Able to work on projects with others and connect their ideas to your position

Although this position is open to all majors, Psych, WGSS, or Marketing majors with Psych minors would be best suited and benefit the most from this type of internship.


Secondary Prevention Intern

The Secondary Prevention Intern specializes in reducing the impact of violence that has already occurred or is currently in motion.  This intern implements TCNJ’s Green Dot Bystander Intervention program, an educational approach to preventing power-based personal violence on campus. In addition to bystander intervention education, this intern also oversees AVI’s media literacy education, which teaches students to be informed consumers of media and disrupt the internalization of potentially harmful messaging.  The Secondary Prevention Intern also plays a vital role in AVI’s programming and community-building efforts, leading initiatives that continue to shift our campus culture towards one that continuously promotes safety, and support for victims and survivors of power-based personal violence.

Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Present secondary prevention educational content to campus groups including clubs/organizations, athletic teams, and Fraternity and Sorority Life.
  • Run a minimum of 2 tabling events during each of the following: Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Stalking Awareness Month, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Adapt the table each time to reflect these specific content areas.
  • Design and plan social media campaigns to promote secondary prevention, increase AVI’s digital footprint, and build support for violence prevention efforts on TCNJ’s campus.
  • Work with established key partners on campus, and develop new partnerships to help increase Green Dot’s visibility and advocacy efforts.
  • Brainstorm new initiatives and revamp visuals for Green Dot.
  • Attend weekly intern meetings and monthly staff meetings to assist other AVI initiatives and collaborate with other AVI groups.

Green Dot Interns are generally…

  • Energetic
  • Organized
  • Flexible, open-minded, and creative
  • Able to see the “big picture” and build structures that will work towards long-term goals
  • People who enjoy interacting with others and engaging in meaningful conversation


Victim Support Specialist (VSS) Intern

The Victim Support Specialist intern’s main goal is to oversee AVI’s tertiary prevention efforts and create a campus culture that is supportive and healing for victims and survivors. The intern will offer educational and interactive programs to students and organizations in order to equip the community with the tools to support survivors both immediately following a disclosure and in the long term. The intern will also be responsible for planning the Day to End Rape Culture in the Spring, which is an expo-style event designed to engage the community in conversations about rape culture. For the Day to End Rape Culture, the VSS intern will recruit and oversee student presenters and advisers in addition to organizing the logistics of the event. Students interested in this position are encouraged to attend this year’s DERC on April 12th.

Duties and Functions of AVI VSS Intern:

  • Present Supporting Survivors workshops to student organizations
  • Create and present tabling on how to support survivors
  • Create materials (flyers, graphics, etc) during DV Month, STAM, and SAAM specifically addressing how to support survivors of these types of PBPV
  • Collaborate with other interns regularly and attend weekly intern meetings
  • Respond to events in the media and on campus that may impact victims/survivors
  • Plan Day to End Rape Culture
    • Identify relevant topics and themes for that particular year
    • Recruit student presenters, advisers, and cosponsors
    • Oversee the development of student presenter material/content
    • Maintain all logistics (room set-up, budget, etc)
    • Coordinate volunteers both in preparation for and day of
    • Work with Publicity intern to advertise event
  • Think creatively to produce projects that help empower survivors such as the Survivor video

Qualities of the VSS Intern:

  • Empathetic
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Enjoys working with others
  • Creative problem-solver
  • Able to balance multiple projects
  • Organized
  • Enjoys engaging in difficult conversations


Publicity Intern

The Publicity Intern specializes in creating cohesive and consistent social media platforms to allow Anti-Violence Initiatives to achieve its work in prevention and advocacy. This intern is responsible for creating, designing, and posting all social media for the office in order to spread news and information about important topics and upcoming events. While all are welcome to apply, this position is tailored towards Communication Studies/Graphic Design majors.

Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Manage all of AVI’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) on a daily basis.
  • Brainstorm strategic ways to recruit through social media for Street Team, SAVE PE’s, and other intern positions.
  • Prepare and create a great deal of print and online media for large-scale events that our office offers. These events include but are not limited to:
    • Awareness Months (Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Stalking Awareness Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month)
    • Day to End Rape Culture (DERC)
    • Recruitment (Peer Educator, Street Team, Intern)
  • Collaborate with the AVI professional and student staff to create and post materials related to the content that they specialize in.
  • Incorporate the Campus Well Newsletter into AVI’s publicity streams.
  • Think strategically to implement different plans to assist AVI in telling its story.
  • Attend weekly intern/pro staff meetings to update the group on all publicity efforts.
  • Other duties assigned

Publicity interns are generally…

  • Social media savvy
  • Proactive
  • Flexible, creative, and approachable
  • Self-directed and motivated
  • Organized and able to pay attention to detail
  • Strong writers with the ability and skills to frame social media content to make it interesting and relevant to the campus community
  • Strategic and analytical thinkers
  • Able to work independently as well as collaboratively with all members of the AVI team (professional staff, other interns, peer educators, street team members)
  • Able to use strong communication skills to communicate with on campus offices, organizations, and groups in a productive and collaborative way
  • Able to adapt to working with tool such as Canva and Hootsuite
  • Able to create flyers, graphics, and marketing packages for social media and print media to promote to campus community
  • Capable to troubleshoot all problems related to the organization’s social media channels, which can range in complexity.
  • Able to identify breaking news and emerging stories on social media, and work to insert the content into our social media platforms


Community Engagement Intern

The Community Engagement Intern directly recruits, interviews, trains, and supervises members of the volunteer team that operates within the AVI office. The intern will provide volunteers with projects and events for them to get involved with through open communication and collaboration with other office staff. The overall goal is to engage volunteers with our work so that they help prepare and complete projects, while still providing them with an educational and personal experience.

Duties and Functions of AVI CE Intern:

  • Recruit members for Street Team of volunteers for the AVI office through community outreach, departmental emails, and social media postings
  • Conduct interviews with potential volunteers for screening purposes
  • Conduct training sessions for accepted volunteers so they obtain the necessary knowledge to perform in this position
  • Host weekly meetings with volunteers to review events, do office work, and discuss/give feedback about their experience
  • Provide volunteers with opportunities to help AVI events, such as tabling, workshops, flyers, office work, etc.
  • Work with other interns, peer educators and pro-staff to develop engaging projects for the Street Team
  • Supervise volunteers at events to make sure they are operating as needed
  • Track hours of volunteers so that their work on the team can be accurately reflected through data
  • Help recruit members of the community to apply for internships/peer educator
  • Reach out to emails obtained from evaluations with more information on AVI and ways to get involved
  • Volunteer your own time to help AVI events
  • Attend weekly internship meetings and help collaborate on projects with other staff
  • Other duties as assigned

Qualities of AVI CE Intern:

  • Organized
  • Punctual
  • Strong communication, management, and administrative skills
  • Comfortable with public speaking and leading meetings
  • Able to work on projects with others and connect their ideas to your position



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