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Posted on March 2nd, 2015 at 5:19 am

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Mental Health Links

Mental Health Links

Please note: This selection of links is not intended as a substitute for contact with a mental health professional. It is provided as a means for visitors to this web page to obtain additional information on topics typically discussed in counseling. The sites are often constructed as a public service by dedicated volunteers; our selection attempts to use the most responsible sites that use verifiable information sources. Inevitably, some of the information represents opinion. If you read information that raises concerns or questions, we invite you to come in or write to the e-mail address below. This list is updated and revised on an ongoing basis. Please write us with your own suggestions about worthy sites.

  • The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection – “Housed” at the University of Chicago, this collection is assembled from materials authored by counseling center staff on many different campuses around the country. (Almost) Any topic you can imagine!
  • Go Ask Alice – Columbia U.’s popular service that has an on-line question service (and answers!) on all kinds of issues for college students.
  • American Psychological Association Help Center – Information to help you understand your own and others’ behavior, along with a guide for help-seeking.
  • Internet Mental Health – A massive, free mental health information service from Canada. Includes much good information on mental health issues in a societal context.
  • Psychology Self-help Resources on the Internet – Almost too much information of all kinds about mental health issues.
  • TAPIR – The anxiety/panic internet resource – A jumping off point for lots of resources to learn about anxiety and effective ways to combat it.
  • NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness – Excellent resource for those affected by mental illness, including family and friends of those affected.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – The home page for AA. If you have decided not drinking is the best choice for you, AA will support you in your effort.
  • Drinking Self Assessment – The Mayo Clinic’s online resource for a private self-assessment should you have questions about the impact of your drinking on your life.
  • Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network – The nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization. Good overview with links to many helpful resources, including hotlines/helplines.
  • Something Fishy – Eating Disorders, Shared Awareness – Comprehensive information on eating disorders.
  • National Eating Disorders Association – The leading non-profit organization in the US advocating on behalf of and supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders.  Includes many helpful resources and an information and referral helpline.
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